Politics of the Plate

A slow-food dinner conversation about the politics of what we eat

Thursday, October 27, 2005
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Toronto Free Gallery

Admission? Free if you bring a desire for conviviality and a dish of your choice to share, made from something locally-grown. Dish or not, all are welcome!

politics_of_the_plateWhy should we “eat lower on the marketing chain”? Can a politically aware eating experience still be pleasurable? How have processed and packaged foods separated us geographically and psychologically from what we eat, and from each other? Is it realistic to ensure healthy and locally-grown food for all Torontonians all the time? Is it possible for city-dwellers to eat what they grow themselves? Can the fair food, slow food, organic food, and other such movements, help to eradicate the risky ecological footprints caused by our consumerist paradigm and over-consumptive lifestyles? How can we integrate fairer food practices into our everyday lives?

Join us for a slow-food dinner conversation where we will be engaging with these critical questions while partaking of a lively community dinner together.

The conversation around the dinner table will be enriched by the research and experiences of the following Toronto-area food activists: