Manifestations of Soft Revolution | Writing, Listening

by Toronto School of Creativity & Inquiry

  • “Manifestations of Soft Revolution,” C Magazine, Issue 90, Summer 2006

vacant-lot-record-789034The energy of the manifesto is drawn from expressions in the here and now of alternate possibilities for life. Music is just one territory of cultural production in which such expressions of the possible manifest, in all their messy contradictions: “Our music foretells our future. Let us lend it an ear.”

This text flows from our listening to – or (shall we admit it?), our fictionalizing of – a strain of contemporary Canadian indie music. We, like many others, have been moved first by the sounds and, soon after, by the concept of a “Soft Revolution” as annunciated by Stars. No single group could, however, stake a proprietary claim on any soft revolution worthy of the name.

Read and listen to the entire manifesto.